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Men, Let’s Be Accountable and Authentic

19 Oct

It’s that time of the semester for college students: midterms.

While I’ve finished all but one, the strain of the last week has been wearing me down. I’ve come to appreciate my education more and more though the years of pouring over books and writing countless papers. It’s humbling in a way, even if I don’t get every answer right, I’m learning, and I know it’s going towards something meaningful.

Similarly, I feel the same growth in my feminist rhetoric as I move forward into ShoutOut. It’s been enlightening and empowering in ways I never expected. In this period of self-reflection I stumbled upon this article on GoodMenProject.com that lifted my spirits from midterm slum. As it were, it seems I got something right in my first post in a series addressing what a male feminist looks like.

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Judge a Man by the Quality of His Dishwashing: Politics of Housework

8 Oct

What happens when 9 friends with different backgrounds, interests and aspirations come to live in a 100-year-old house? No, it’s not another predictable season of Real World  (or any other train-wreck of a reality show MTV produces), no it’s actually my current living situation. As I’ve mentioned before, I live with eight other guys and have lived and learned many a thing or two about men’s presence within feminism.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about what it means to be a man interested in advancing feminist rhetoric. If you didn’t get a chance to read it I basically harped on humanist ideology and the critical need to be open with others and yourself. This week I’d thought I’d revisit that topic, with the hope of furthering the dialogue.

When I first moved into my house, I came in with a clear vision of what it means to work in a complex house dynamic. Paramount was the understanding that certain people fit certain roles at different time, and the goal of cohabitating together was to effectively adapt to ever-changing situations.

Enter my housemates.


Welcome to my kitchen! Click this pretty picture to open in a new tab in all it’s glory!

As I mentioned, all of us came from different backgrounds. Some had a sense of responsibilities and inherent role-playing like I mentioned above. Others did not. There are only really two or three that haven’t quite shifted into independent living and what it entails, but that still makes up for 1/3 of the house and believe me, their lack of responsibility is pretty noticeable.

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Real Post Baby Bodies Are Beautiful

26 Sep

When I stand in the grocery store line to check out, I consistently do two things: first, always avoid looking at the cleverly placed chapstick by the candy convincing me to buy a new one only to remember I have six more at home- but second, and more importantly, ignore the gossip rags. I have problems with body shaming and obsessing over chapstick, okay?

This summer I couldn’t help but notice the excessive amount of body shaming geared toward mothers and pregnant celebrities. So many celebrity women were taunted on covers for gaining too much weight, or never looking as good as she did before she was pregnant. Why should I care how much Kate Middleton weighs? Why should I care if Kim Kardashian can’t lose her baby weight the week after the gives birth? Oh that’s right, I don’t.

Kate is more powerful than all y'all. Leave her body be!

Kate is more powerful than all y’all. Leave her body be!

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Why I Needed Feminism Then

18 Sep

Well hi there! My name is ladylikesailormouth and I am a new to the blogging world and getting more comfortable dipping my toes into the waves of feminism. I realized during college I had always been a feminist, but I just never quite understood how to put my feelings into words. I have become a more outspoken woman with strong opinions whenever someone tries to tell me I can’t do something “because I’m a girl”. However, the journey to even get where I am hasn’t been all unicorns and sparkles. There were periods of time in my life where being “outspoken” wasn’t always an opinion. Let’s examine exhibit A, shall we? My experience in high school.

High school sucks. Granted, to it’s advantage it is not middle school horrific, but still sucks.

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Shout-Out’s Back ALRIGHT!!

17 Sep

Hey everyone! It’s your pro-feminist friend ElFeministo, back for another year of feminist discourse! I’m back to further my feminist rhetoric and learn more about how to live a feminist life!

So if you remember me from my previous posts, I was literally fresh to the philosophy of feminism and what it meant to be a feminist. Since then it’s been a long journey of understanding a side of life I had formerly been blind to.

In my hiatus from ShoutOut I’ve been reading a lot, talking to people, and figuring out what my niche is and what fires me up, so get ready because I’m about to dive right in.

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No Damsel In Distress Here: Anita Sarkeesian and Her Kickstarter Story

18 Apr

I’m a gamer and damn proud.

You won’t catch me toting a DS waiting to update my Animal Crossing town or feed my Nintendogs. I won’t spend hours in front of my tv wasting the brilliance that is the outdoors. And I will never pass up time with friends, to finish that last level of Bioshock Infinite or play one more round of Zombies. However, I will keep up with the industry’s latest and greatest. I do long for that occasional heartwarming nostalgia that comes with replaying an old N64 favorite. And I will always look forward to the occasional follow-up or reimagining of a series like Zelda or Tomb Raider. Gaming has been ingrained within me since as far as I can remember, but it wasn’t until recently that I stumbled upon a daring vlogger who prompted me to reanalyze these pieces of my past with a new feminist perspective.


A month from yesterday will mark the one year anniversary of a bold concept that would later rock the gaming community forever. After being invited to speak to video game development company BUNGiE, vlogger and creator of Feminist Frequency Anita Sarkeesian felt satisfied with her involvement, but realized there was a lot left to be said for the industry as a whole. She decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a series of videos that would analyze the history of video games from a feminist lens and illuminate the iconic portrayals of women in these games. Little did she know the tidal wave of backlash, harassment, and vandalism that would follow her from arguably the most proverbial of boy’s clubs.

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Book Recommendation: The Guy’s Guide to Feminism

11 Apr

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or the Midwest, you’ve noticed spring (weather) is finally here! Yes, the beautiful time of year when the birds are back, flowers are blooming, and the thaw of winter is behind us. With the return of the sun comes the return of outdoor recreational reading. There’s nothing I love more about my outdoor porch than curling up in my favoring chair, and with a glass of lemonade beside me flipping the pages of a wonderful book between my hands. One such book I had the pleasure of reading was The Guy’s Guide to Feminism. It’s a brief but well written read that’s sure to fit into anyone’s schedule and personal feminist level.

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Titty Committee

29 Mar

Boobs.  I will never understand a man’s fascination with them…maybe because I am just so lucky to possess them but all in all, I don’t get it. Personally, and I know many girls will agree that, penises aren’t really all that attractive. I don’t know about you but I don’t walk around screaming “show me your penis” and in return for a little peep show, reward them with cheap necklaces.  I don’t know if it’s some Oedipus complex that stems from infantile dependency on a mother’s breast but as I said I just don’t see the appeal.  But I guess when you really look at it, it’s not just men but society as a whole that cater to this obsession with boobs. Our culture places such high standards of ideal beauty on your bra size.  I’m sorry but as a 32B (and that’s in a push-up bra) my little boobs do not make me any more or less attractive. Girls grow up learning that boobs are a sign of womanhood (well that and their period)…so was I woman when my boobs stopped growing my first year of high school? Damn straight I wasn’t.

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Links Round-Up

24 Mar

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Breaking the female commercial mold

19 Mar

I know there are a lot of commercials out there that are very stereotypical about womens’ roles in society. Such commercials are cleaning products or cooking products for stay at home moms and makeup commercials about women’s self conscience about their  aging beauty. But I think its important to highlight those commercials that are out there trying to breaking that mold.

This is probably the first set of commercials that I have actually  seen highlighting women in a new positive light in a long time. The new Dr. Pepper commercials 1/1. These commercials are trying to say that by drinking Dr. Pepper you are supporting unique and inspirational women but you are also one as well. The four women who are featured in their own commercials are  Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller, Misty Copeland, Mikaela Mayer, and Jen Mayfield. Each are women who broke a mold and set their sights on something higher then themselves and some people deem impossible to do.


You can watch them all on Dr. Pepper’s website on the 1/1 commercials link…. which is at that bottom on this post if you want to watch the videos before you read more.

I just want to focus on two commercials that i think represent the message of Dr. Pepper’s 1/1 and highlights these inspirational women the best. The two commercials/interviews i want to focus on are Leandra Medine and Mikaela Mayer, who’s both interviews I have not actually seen aired.

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