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Equality- Not So Evenly Dispersed

1 Oct

It is easy to say on the surface that women have made great strides in female empowerment progress. We have women breaking into higher levels of government, corporate America, and science fields. However, with all of this progress, it is important to note what still needs to be done. Women still aren’t making as much money as men in the same career fields, women still aren’t in office as much as men, and women still fight health care related battles to be as equal as men in coverage and rights. This struggle for women is not synonymous for women across the country though, and some states are making the move toward progress faster than others. The Center for American Progress released an interactive map last week demonstrating these differences among states and how they are making progress for women in the areas of health, economics, and leadership.

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Breaking News: “Personhood” Bill Sent Back to Committee

23 Feb

Just a quick news update, the Personhood bill was sent back to committee by the Virginia Senate for the year, effectively killing it for this legislative session. So, you know, we’ll have to worry about it again in the future, but for now, this is quite a victory! YAY!

Talking Points to Use When Calling Gov. McDonnell

16 Feb

The bill mandating transvaginal ultrasounds is on its way to Governor McDonnell’s desk, and given his political beliefs and the fact that he’s gunning to be picked as vice president on the Republican ticket, there’s a good chance he’s going to sign it. (He’s already said he will). Also, you can check out this quick hit from the 14th if you need more information about what’s going on.

So call the governor and tell him that this is not okay, and that Virginia residents and his constituents will not stand for this bill. So we’ve written up some tips for you, when you decide to call him (and really, he deserves to be inundated with calls about this).

The number for his office is: (804) 786-2211. You can also email him at his official website.

Tips for calling the governor:

Make sure you say what you’re calling about – you are calling in regards to the bill mandating transvaginal ultrasounds for women who are seeking abortion.

Be concise and to the point – what does this law mean for you, specifically? (like, “This would be an invasion of my right to privacy and my right to an abortion”).

Say why you’re against it – it’s medically unnecessary, harmful to women, is a complete and utter violation of a woman’s body, is not cost effective, etc.

Give the exact action you want the governor to do – veto this bill.

Try and remain calm – you may want to call him and the Virginia GOP a bunch of stupid fuckers, but it’s for the best to save that for your blog.

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