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Quick Hit: 10 examples of Victim Blaming

23 Mar

***Trigger Warning*** – The following post discusses rape and sexual assault within the context of victim blaming.

As we approach our annual Clothesline Project and Take Back the Night events, it is important that we take a moment to think about how we respond to victims of sexual assault. Victim blaming is used as a tool to silence women especially and minimize the seriousness of rape and sexual assault.


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Spring Break Forever?

19 Mar

In the wake of spring break shenanigans across America, I want to stop and smell the roses—or, tequila, rather—and consider the weighty implications of spring break behavior. Cancun, Panama City Beach, Acapulco, Miami, Punta Cana…what do all these spring break hot spots have in common? Rampant female objectification. Sexism.

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Quick Hit: Role Reversal? Yes, Please!

18 Mar

I was browsing through Buzzfeed when I stumbled upon this article that has seemed to have gone viral. It explores what happens when the women featured in advertisements are replaced with men. The YouTube video that accompanies the article is even more enlightening. The punchline at the end of the YouTube video reads: “Seeing men like this is ridiculous…So why isn’t it with women?”

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Clean Version in the Club?!

17 Mar

Welcome back from Spring Break and to a snow day on campus!

A little adventure during my Spring Break lead me to ponder a couple things about being a feminist and my love for hip-hop. I went to Florida to visit a family friend and get some fun in the sun! I was out dancing one night and the club was packed. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I live on the dance floor! (Side note- Turn Around and Get Your Feminist On is still going strong!! :) ) So here is what went down…

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Diversity at JMU: IT EXISTS

5 Mar

I firmly believe in the truth and validity of everyone’s experience. Perception constitutes reality. That is why I have chosen to discuss this issue. I am fully aware of the #MinoritiesAtMadison movement, and I am also aware of the article that my fellow blogger, truequeerlatte, has written for ShoutOut. Let me be clear: It is not my intention to discredit this movement, or the experiences held by those involved. I simply wish to offer a different view…my view.

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My Top Ten Girl Power Anthems

4 Mar

Happy Snow Day Everyone!

I don’t about you all but I am still jammin’ to Beyonce’s latest album which made me think about music with a message. Music is moving and I always love a good song that has more than a catchy beat. Music has inspired movements such as James Brown, who made black beautiful, The Beatles who aspired to peace, or most recently Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s anthem for marriage equality “Same Love”. I find reading books or articles awesome and hearing people speak can be really moving but there is something special and unifying about a song that has a social message.

I am compiling my very own feminist playlist. With themes of girl power, equality, stereotypes, and overall female centered, these songs should have you inspired in both the mind and the body! Check it out and let me know what you think! Also please comment with songs you would add :) Rock, shake, drop, sing on friends!

beyonce femmTumblr.com

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Quick Hit: Classy as the new C-word??

26 Feb

What do you feel about the phrase “That’s Classy?” I recently read this post stating that just because you are not the one partying and having one night stands does not mean you should be judging those that do. I totally agree with that statement, however I also believe that women are entitled to live their life whatever way they choose. “Nobody cares that you’ve never very publicly made out with a guy on the dance floor of your favorite bar.” This is the phrasing that was used in order to make the argument that just because you think you’re classy, does not give you the right to judge others for their choices. I felt it could have been handled in a better way, because now, all that I noticed is that you are wrong for not wanting to make out with a random guy on the dance floor (which should not be the message). Sure it’s great to let loose and no one should be chastised based on certain life decisions but I don’t think it is fair to say that all the women who choose not to participate in skinny dipping or one night stands are wrong for choosing to live that way or that they think they are better than other women. I was kind of back and forth about how I felt this article came across. What do you all think?? Is this just women continuing to bash other women or is this actually a good argument that we all should think about?

to be or not to be classy?

A fiery response to the article, “Skills Vs. Serendipity: Why Men Are Studs and Women Are Sluts”

26 Feb

**Trigger warning**Sexual content and language**

A couple weeks back, I had written about a ridiculously ignorant and sexist email titled, “Save the Sluts,” sent by a member of the college of William & Mary’s Sigma Chi fraternity chapter.

When discussing that email, I had made a call to action; to not let something as profoundly mindless as that be slid under the rug. I told my readers to point out such incidences so others can realize there are those in our world who still have the mind capacity of a rock. Or to be more literal, people who perpetuate injustice and inequality between human beings.

Exactly how I found out about the “Save the Sluts” email, I received a text from one of my best friends telling to me to read an article she had sent me the link to. And the sad part is, a young man from JMU—my own school—shared the article on his Facebook. Who, if I might also add, has a girlfriend…..

The article was titled, “Skills Vs. Serendipity: Why Men are Studs and Women Are Sluts,” and I’m definitely not letting this slide under the radar either. 

From Quickmeme.com

From Quickmeme.com

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Porn Stars Have Rights Too

25 Feb

*Trigger Warning: Sexually Explicit Content

“To be clear: My experience in porn has been nothing but supportive, exciting, thrilling and empowering.”

With that statement in her interview with XOJane, the Duke University student, with an active career as a porn star, made jaws drop. Her story is every tabloid magazine’s dream: a female student at an elite university who voluntarily turns to the disgraceful world of pornography and (gasp!) enjoys it.

It didn’t take very long for word about this freshman’s job as a sex worker to spread like wild fire. It also didn’t take long for a search to uncover the identity of this student to launch into a full-scale witch hunt that would put the likes of Blair Witch to shame. Continue reading

M.I.A. Goes Straight for the Jugular

20 Feb

“Once there was a girl named Mathangi, let’s call her Maya. Maya grew up on Temple Road in a tough town called Jaffna, where she learned to sing and dodge the bullets of soldiers who sometimes shot out the windows of her school. She knew her father was a freedom fighter for people who could not fight, she never saw him, she was raised by her mother and the way things go grew up to be a rapper who made her home in cities, in London, in Los Angeles, in New York City.”

British recording artist, songwriter, rapper, director, singer, designer, visual artist—M.I.A. is known as all these things. But to me, Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam is an embodiment of a remarkably complex breed of activism.

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