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Winter Break Hiatus

9 Dec

That’s right readers, it’s finals week here at JMU. Which also means that we’ll be taking a break from regular blogging until the Spring semester starts in January. But keep a look out for any updates our bloggers might post over the break!

That being said, I also wanted to take a moment to thank all of our readers for continuing to support the blog. Your comments and views mean a great deal to all of us at ShoutOut!, and we hope you’ll continue to read our blog and learn more about feminism in the coming semester.

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Links Round-Up

8 Dec

It’s time for our final links round-up this semester here at ShoutOut! The writers and I have really enjoyed bringing you interesting and informative stories every week, and we hope we’ve expanded your regular internet reading to even more amazing feminist blogs.

Without further ado:

JGrand50 brings us a look at next year’s Supreme Court case on the legality of Defense of Marriage Acts. 

In a related link, an article about six reasons that gay marriage benefits everyone.

Ryan Gosling, who usually has words of feminist wisdom on this tumblr, got personal this week with a message Hannah Grace needed! She was also pleased to see Jezebel’s article on 5 Ways Men Are Fighting Sexism, including partiipating in a Twitter strike to protest hate rants online. Good work guys!


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Links Round-Up

2 Dec

This week at ShoutOut!:

HannahGrace points out that history was made this week, as two same sex marriages were hosted at West Point, a prestigious military academy. The act that was made possible by two events last year, the lifting of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and the legalization of gay marriage in New York. The marriages are an emblematic victory of the long battle homosexuals have fought to be accepted within the military.

With the holiday season upon us, you might have noticed the many gendered toys filling the aisles of you local stores – pink kitchen sets, “for boy’s only” science sets, the list goes on and on. One blogger shared her frustrations with this and other misogynistic aspects of Christmas , including an interesting feminist reading of holiday classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

Classifiedsarcastic  sent in this article, which details how the feminist movement is still plagued by stereotypes and some of the negative impacts that these still have.

And this one, which argues that feminism’s work is done, that women have in fact won and the so-called “war on women” is irrelevant. Is this true??

Visionsofourfuture sent in the following:

I remember when I was younger and I used to read Seventeen magazine, so I was shocked when I heard about their new online BMI Calculator — that specifically tells teenage girls that being underweight is healthy. By telling a 17-year-old that the BMI of a 15-year-old is healthy, Seventeen Magazine is perpetuating a terrifying image standard to their young readers who are still trying to come to grasp with their own bodies.

And, if you read Fox News’ oped piece on ‘The War on Men’, you were probably just as frustrated as me to hear how women only need to surrender to their “natural femininity” to allow men to “provide and protect” for us. But don’t worry! Suzanne Venker, the author of the piece, came out and explained what she really meant by arguing that she should have written about “husbands and wives” instead of “men and women” — apparently that makes all the difference in making sweeping, harmful generalizations about genders.

JGrand50 enjoyed an article detailing how the latest Toys R Us catalogue in Sweden depict swapped gender roles for the first time ever. The advertisement shows girls playing with “boy toy” Nerf guns and shows a boy playing with a pink dollhouse. Trivial? Or an interesting sign of societal progress?

In more somber news, the Ugandan government is yet again voting on a “kill the gays” bill– legislation that would punish homosexuality with life sentences or death. Various groups are petitioning to end this idea once and for all.

Eszenyme sent in this article, which summarizes why supermodel and former French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is definitely NOT a feminist, namely, because this generation doesn’t need feminism any more….Thoughts?

And this article (comically) discusses the sexualization of young girls through Elizabeth Hurley’s swimsuit line. How young is too young for leopard? Thoughts?

Feminist Book Review: Blood, Bones, and Butter

28 Nov

With the ever-impending doom of graduation getting closer and closer, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my future. In particular, I’ve been thinking about my career. For years, I thought I would pursue a job in academia. But somewhere between my high school job at Dunkin Donuts and my current job in a catering kitchen, I fell in love with cooking. I fell in love with food, the preparing of it, the presentation of it. There are few things I love more than spending a long day at the prep table, chopping fresh vegetables and putting a cheese platter together. The kitchen is the one place I feel at home.

But, as many of you may know, the kitchen doesn’t exactly have a female-friendly reputation. Through a quick Google search, you can find countless articles discussing how women are not welcome in the kitchen. Which is why I was so relieved to read Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir Blood, Bones, and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef. Not only did Hamilton thrive in the kitchen, she also firmly believes that it isn’t about men vs. women. The way she experienced it, the kitchen is one of the few jobs where your hard work and skill matter more than who you know or where you went to school.

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Because Personal IS Political

15 Nov

For a variety of reasons, I’ve been thinking a lot about body image lately. Especially how it impacts my daily life. And then I came across this article, arguing that exposing your personal life, your vulnerabilities, can be a feminist act. That there is empowerment to be found when women share their stories.

So here’s the story of how I learned to stop loving my body:

Like any girl, or any person really, I’ve always struggled with loving my body. I’m short, I’m incapable of tanning, my hair never really manages to look good, I have really bad acne, and my thighs are pretty jiggly. Growing up I got teased relentlessly for my complexion, among other things, and like it would any normal person with feelings, it affected me.

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Links Round-Up

11 Nov

This week:

Visionsofourfuture recommends this powerful video put together by Project Unspoken at Emory University asks both men and women what they do in their daily lives to avoid sexual assault and harassment.

Following the re-election of President Obama, this article argues that our country is not the “traditional America anymore” — and good riddance.

Jgrand50 and eszenyme wants you to check out this website that tracks the use of homophobic language on Twitter. It also shows the posts in real time in an attempt to get people to realize the implications of their word choice.

A great opinion piece about the failure of GOP voter suppression legislation. This election showed that no matter what, minority groups will express their rights at the polls.

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8 Nov

Last night, my faith in humanity was restored.

After feeling like I couldn’t even call myself a feminist anymore, after questioning all of the beliefs I have held dear since childhood, and after feeling like humanity was nothing but a bunch of assholes, I was proven wrong.

Last night, so many of my friends, professors, and readers, came out to Stand Against Sexual Violence. They came out in the cold, despite the late hour and short notice.

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Signal Boost: Stand Against Sexual Violence TONIGHT!

7 Nov

Just a quick reminder for all of our readers in the Harrisonburg/JMU community:

Tonight at 8 PM on the Commons, we will be holding a vigil along with other student organizations and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program in response to the many sexual assaults against JMU students this semester.

To get more information, check out the facebook event page, or email Femistorian at

Links Round-Up

4 Nov

This week at ShoutOut!,

Visionsofourfuture has some celeb news to share! First, this collaborative cover of “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore, reminds women of the power of their voice and the importance of their vote. Chris Brown is causing a stir in the media again — this time after dressing up as a terrorist for Halloween wearing a turban and fake beard, with bullet casings wrapped around his robe and holding an assault rifle.

Classifiedsarcastic wants you to check out this awesome new article about this journalists experiences with Gloria Steinem and how Ms. Steinem’s struggles have oftentimes intertwined with those of African American women. She also asks readers, is being funny the new way to forward the feminist movement? Should we all be like Tina Fey? This article argues that laughter is not only the new way to really reach the younger generation, but it’s also a good way to normalize feminism. Agree?

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Because talking isn’t enough.

3 Nov

*Trigger warning: rape*

I firmly believe in the mission of this blog. I believe that discussing feminist issues amongst friends, in class, and in the community, is essential to promoting feminist goals.

But talking is not enough.

So far this semester, there have been multiple assaults and rapes of JMU students. One so violent that simply reading the charges left me feeling extremely triggered for days.

But in the wake of all of this, there has been silence from the JMU community. More importantly, there has been silence from the feminist community.

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