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Pro-choice and anti-federal funding for Planned Parenthood? Can it be so?

16 Apr

Last weekend, after the looming threat of a government shutdown, as well as the threat of a government mandated cut from the federal funding that goes towards Planned Parenthood, I was relieved to find out that Planned Parenthood’s funding was left untouched when Obama and the House of Reps. finally came to a decision regarding the budget. As I was browsing online articles covering the long-awaited compromise, I stumbled upon this title from The Daily Caller: “Why pro-choice feminists should want Planned Parenthood to be defunded.” After reading the title the first time, I had to read it again to make sure what I was reading was correct. Really? A pro-choice feminist who didn’t believe that Planned Parenthood should be federally funded for its services? This article, I thought, couldn’t possibly make much sense. But, surprisingly, the article not only brought to my attention a new way of viewing the practice of federally funding organizations, but also a new way of viewing feminism in general. Continue reading


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