JMU Hollerback

12 Apr

Hollaback is a national organization that enables you to report street harassment where and when it occurs. It’s a truly powerful movement to help woman take power back into their hands. Now, a group of JMU students in Matt Ezzell’s Interpersonal Violence (SOCI480) class have brought Hollaback to JMU’s campus - JMU Hollerback.

Harassment is an enabling condition and it sets the stage for worse crimes to take place. There should be no reasons for women to feel uncomfortable or anxious around campus. This project’s goal is to make JMU Hollerback a fully fledged club and organization on campus. Their Facebook is currently operating along the same lines as JMU Crushes or JMU Confessions. Students can anonymously submit stories and experiences of being harassed, share why it’s not okay, and take power back!

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 4.55.21 PM

This is a truly great student effort that I hope grows over the years and continues at JMU so long as it is ever needed. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, like them on Twitter, and also check out their new Tumblr page!

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