Links Round-Up

17 Feb

The rape culture that we live in requires us to intensely think about how we are going to raise our children within it. This week Imagineherstory found an article that talks about how to raise our daughters, but we should also keep in mind how to raise our sons.

Devystation wonders why there aren’t more girls to find out what he scientific “makeup“ behind makeup is.

Ladychaotica21 encourages us to check out this review on Obama’s State of the Union, particularly with regards to his continual framing of women as “wives, mothers, and daughters.”  Does this language take away from the individuality of a woman in her own right, by defining her in the context of her relationship to a man?  Read this, decide for yourself, and if you agree, sign the petition to ask Obama to stop framing women this way!

After several disappointing nights out in downtown Harrisonburg, HannahGrace was pleased to read this Jezebel article about the infamous “ladies night out.” Does anyone agree that dressing up and going out with your friends only to get shamelessly hit on every time SUCKS?! Is there no comfortable environment where we can sit, drink, and not worry about getting laid?

FemOnFire found this article highlighting a tribute to survivors of sexual assault that was visible on the National Mall this week. Though short-lived, it was a good step toward giving victims of assault a forum to speak out.

jgrand50 found an article that discusses the battle between Native American sovereignty and women’s rights in upcoming legislation.

ElFeministo thought this post from Feministe about defending sex workers rights while opposing sex-trafficking was an interesting take to an otherwise divided issue.

Kelly J. found these two photos, a Victoria’s Secret advertisement she thinks is representing what society and men specifically want to see as the “average” woman, and a Dove advertisement as what she thinks women see as the “average” woman. She says that it is ironic that the Victoria’s Secret advertisement is titled “Love My Body Campaign”, because she doesn’t think that the models are “loving” their bodies in a healthy and real life way.

Which ones are "real"?

Which ones are “real”?

One Response to “Links Round-Up”

  1. runesandrhinestones 02/18/2013 at 3:55 am #

    I agree with the problem with Obama’s reference to women – we are more than just our relationships to others, and he most likely wouldn’t say “husbands, sons and fathers”.

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