The Bitchin’ Table: 2012, The Swimsuit Issue

24 Feb

For this week’s Bitchin’ Table, InternationalCupcakeBandit and eszenyme are tackling the oh so relevant topic of.. drum roll! BATHING SUIT SEASON. Yeah, it’s large, ferocious, and in the back of all of our minds. Feel free to join in, and start some bitchin’ too!

InternationalCupcakeBandit: Hey there, eszenyme!

eszenyme: Hi, int’lcupcakebandit!

InternationalCupcakeBandit: So, maybe it’s just me… but, i’m getting bombarded by (literally) at least 5 emails a day from clothing stores about



InternationalCupcakeBandit: I can’t believe the pressure is already on.. it was 18 degrees this morning : /

eszenyme: I know. I woke up this morning to yet another, “Hello Bombshell, it’s swim season!”

I definitely was not a bombshell at 8 am and I’m pretty sure they’re off by a few months for swimsuit season….

InternationalCupcakeBandit: Seriously, Victoria Secret? You are even making your swimsuits push our boobs to our chins?

Like even magazines are starting to advertise “slim that beach bod down”

like wtf


i want to keep my insulated winter bod..

eszenyme: I know. Besides, the more I get those emails and magazines, the more ridiculous those pictures look.

The photoshopping is ridiculous.  No one looks like that in real life.  To be honest, those girls’ boobs can’t get any bigger or they will literally tip over.

InternationalCupcakeBandit: I know! Sometimes I love going shopping for bathing suits. That is, until I realize they were only made to fit ultra skinny women.. talk about the 1%!

It’s outrageous. I hate the feeling of being pressured by the media when i’m completely comfortable with who I am and the way I look

it feels like they WANT us to be insecure

eszenyme: I hear that. To be honest, I intensely dislike bathing suit shopping, which is why I haven’t gotten a new bathing suit in about 4 years.

In addition to the pressure from the media, I also feel pressured while buying a bathing suit.  I feel like people are constantly judging me, especially in Victoria’s Secret. I went in to buy a bra once and they told me to try Limited Too…really? Where are the bras for grown up women without ginormous boobs?

InternationalCupcakeBandit: WHAT!? That’s unbelievable.. But I agree, it’s like they are meant to fit one stereotype of the “perfect” woman. It’s terrible. I am forced to by string bikinis every time because any other bottoms don’t fit. Can you say ethnocentric much?

eszenyme: lol. Yeah, the bathing suit bottom is a completely different discussion. I like my assets, but not when I have to either a) squeeze them into some sort of tight spandex diaper or b) basically go out naked. Why is there no middle ground?

InternationalCupcakeBandit: hahaha, fair enough. Can we invent some sort of custom sizing system?? Maybe that’s way to optimistic..

Honestly though, I think the worst part is the pressure we put on each other that when going to the beach, we have to have a perfect fitting bikini with perky boobs and a tiny waist with barely no natural shape

eszenyme: I think that’s true. But, I’m not sure there is a “perfect” solution because it’s a negative cycle. We feel bad about ourselves, so we judge other people, then feel better about ourselves until we see something else that prompts us to feel bad.

Obviously, that’s an oversimplification, but I think there is some truth to it.

InternationalCupcakeBandit: Yeah I agree. I think we just need to take the pressure off of the situation, because ultimately, looking like a model on your tropical beach vacation shouldn’t be a top priority

I mean, heck, i’d much rather lay on the beach with my giant pile of ice cream :D

eszenyme: But it would melt :(

InternationalCupcakeBandit: that’s why you eat it FAST!

oh and funnel cake, don’t forget the funnel cake

and boardwalk fries.. yummmm

eszenyme: lol. I just wish there was an easy solution to this problem.  It’s nice to say that we’ll all just get along and stop judging each other because we recognize the similarity in our situation, yadda yadda. But is there an actual way to promote change?

InternationalCupcakeBandit: Agreed. I mean I think promoting change in our individual lives is a great place to start- If we recognize and actively deconstruct these types of situations, we can encourage and support our friends and families to do the same.

Clearly, we can’t force the media and everyone to change- but we can help ourselves!

eszenyme:  I agree. I think starting with individual steps is important.  We should recognize that despite how good we feel having conversations like this, we’ll still get those emails, see those commercials, etc.  I’m not trying to be super-negative here.  Obviously, I want change.  But, it can be overwhelming when you have such a great conversation and then feel like you’ve changed but the world hasn’t.

InternationalCupcakeBandit: But, I think these conversations are where the site of change forms. The world isn’t going to change unless we make it change! Maybe it’s a little naive, but I think it’s worth the effort. And I mean hey, I deleted 2 of those emails without even looking at them during this conversation. Minor victory? I think yes.

eszenyme: Agreed!

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