QUICK HIT: Missing Hannah Though Victim Blaming Never Left Us

19 Sep

I have already posted today, but when I saw this article about Hannah Graham, I felt the need to share. Hannah Graham is the UVA student who has been missing since last Saturday. The article talks about the buzz around Hannah Graham is quickly turning from bringing her home to saying she asked for this. Victim blaming is so present in our daily dialogues and it needs to stop. Lets stop victim blaming and focus our conversations on the initial goal of finding this student.

Unlocking The Truth: Unlocking Your Perceptions

19 Sep

Stephen Colbert:

Let me ask you one more thing. Why are you called Unlocking the Truth?

Malcolm Brickhouse, member of the band:

We are basically unlocking the truth of life and that you can do anything you wanna do. Kids don’t think they can do anything because that’s what people tell them to do, but I feel like just look past that and believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything you want.

Malcolm is the vocalist for the metal band, Unlocking the Truth. The three member band is consisted of 8th grade males. Their talent is impeccable and it is shown through their $1.8 million contract with Sony. Two of the members have been playing instruments since they were seven. Malcolm’s parents have helped with the management side, but the nitty gritty stuff is accredited to this hardworking group.

So you’re probably wondering why is bestlittlelion92 roaring about this band; what have they truly done that has inspired her? Or maybe you’re not going that deep into thought process, if you know me, you’re probably thinking, she likes metal, no way.  The reason why I’m digging this band is not necessarily for the metal, but because they are breaking stereotypes of not only children, but also of the black community. To be honest when I think of rock music mixed in with my black culture;  I can only list a few people. Now don’t get in a frenzy and think that I’m saying rock and metal are the same, but it’s nice to see a group of black boys take over a genre that is not rooted in the typical such as rap, R&B, and jazz. I value black artists in those genres, but for someone who likes all different kinds of music, its important to have people of my community as prime figures.

Also this may be a stretch, but when I heard about this band, I instantly thought about the incident in Ferguson. I thought about how the black man is perceived; how the stereotype of an aggressor or a thug can have huge impacts in the criminal system. Unlocking the truth is unlocking the truth into people beyond their skin; though I highlighted the important of having black figures in different kinds of music, it is also key to recognize that people can go beyond the negative stereotypes and showcase their true personhood.

Now that I’ve discussed Unlocking the Truth, its time to unlock some other artists who have branched out in other genres.


I challenge you, to tell me who this people are in the comments below! Now you’re also thinking, hey there is a lot of black people who have used their talents in other genres such as rock and country; but I bring up Unlocking the Truth because they are delving into metal which is really out of the norm. I hope they can inspire you to break your own stereotypes.

P.S. Random, but  I don’t like to use the term African American, so that’s why I say black community and black people; I hope you don’t get offended.

QUICK HIT: White House Launches “It’s On Us” Campaign Against Sexual Assault

19 Sep

Today, the White House launched the next part of their campaign to end rape on college campuses. “It’s On Us” emphasizes that sexual assault not only a problem for victims, but it is a larger cultural problem that we need to address. Rock on, Washington! Check out the new campaign video featuring some famous faces, and read more about the campaign here.

Feminism = Sexism? Ahem, Dictionary Please!

18 Sep Hey, thanks dictionary.com!

I was at work this morning, having a laid back conversation with a friend, when I stumbled upon the Facebook page for The Dean’s List calendar—a publication centered around, “12 beautiful and intelligent James Madison University women.” I was originally going to write about how this calendar is a STELLAR exemplification of society’s pervasive objectification of women, however, my feminist psyche was rudely interrupted when…

I asked my friend what he thought about “The Dean’s List” calendar. I already know MY thoughts about the publication: It’s a calendar that supposedly celebrates the “intelligence” of JMU’s female students, yet, depicts a “movement” (as they have dubbed it) solely centered on appearance. How does academic achievement have anything to do with beauty? Why do the two concepts have to be connected? I’ll tell you why. Because, we are talking about WOMEN. If you’re a smart man, no one gives a shit what you look like. You are perceived as being a smart human being. It stops there. No big deal. But if you are an intelligent woman, and you have a beautiful smile and a great body, woah. Call the mayor, schedule a parade and ring in the fucking marching band because GOD KNOWS that never happens. Attractive women can’t be smart, too…right? Apparently it is so rare to find an intelligent AND beautiful woman that a bunch of dudes decided to PRINT A PUBLICATION DEDICATED TO IT. Better yet, they are making a profit from it. Think about it: people have launched an entire a business venture based on the crazy, outlandish, unbelievable, too-good-to-be-true, mind-bending, societal norm-challenging idea that a woman can be attractive AND intelligent. I have been on the Dean’s List (3.5+ G.P.A) all 6 semesters of my academic career at JMU. I have even been on the President’s List (4.0+ G.P.A.) My level of intellect has nothing to do with the way I look. At all.

I digress… Continue reading

Quick Hit: Staying Strong in Black Panties

18 Sep

Today I came across a blog post by January Harshe that details her journey to loving her body. She explains participating in The 4th Trimester Bodies Project  and states:

“It was an empowering day during which I felt pampered, loved, and accepted as the beautiful goddess that I am. I had a blast. In my underwear. At my heaviest weight.”

January’s photos and story, along with the full 4th Trimester Bodies Project, show that these women love and accept their post-baby bods. And if society doesn’t…well screw ‘em. These ladies are strong, powerful, beautiful and most importantly: they’re changing perspectives and that’s pretty damn great.

What If Women and Girls Ruled The World?

17 Sep

What would the world be like if women and girls were in charge? It’s an interesting and thought provoking question isn’t it? BK Nation, a website dedicated to building knowledge and leadership, is publishing a new blog series this fall entitled “If Women and Girls Ruled the World….” On the BK Nation website they have a similar blog series posted from Women’s History Month and the photos, videos, poems and other written works are seriously powerful.

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Quick Hit: Destroy the Stereotype and STOP Apologizing

16 Sep

Why do women frequently identify their behavior as worthy of an apology? Don’t be sorry. BE STRONG. Watch this clip that shows 30 seconds of women over-apologizing, followed by 30 AWESOME seconds of them annhilating the shit out of that stereotype.

Anti-Rape Nail Polish: A Product of Rape Culture?

16 Sep

A few weeks ago, the story broke about a new anti-rape nail polish developed by four undergraduate male students from North Carolina State University. The polish changes color when it comes into contact with common date rape drugs. Many news sources have praised the product, calling it a huge step in ending the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses. A cute nail polish that can also protect you! Seems great, right? Well, maybe not.

shoutout nail polish

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QUICK HIT: Ray Rice Inspired Make Up Tutorial

15 Sep

Today all of us ShoutOut! JMU bloggers watched this video from Meagan Mackay. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Stand Up (and Shout Out) for Feminism

15 Sep

Let’s face it: the word “feminism” has quite a big stigma attached to it. Even in today’s society, some people still think that feminists are bra-burning, men-hating, humorless women who want to destroy everything regarding traditional femininity and “the patriarchy”. Clearly I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the point. I believe that this stigma prevails because people don’t really know what feminism is, and, in turn, are afraid to call themselves feminists because of the prejudice attached to the word.

SlutWalk NYC October 2011 Shankbone 25

This fear of the word feminism and/or lack of knowledge of feminism’s definition occurs all the time, especially around people our age. So… let’s talk about it. Continue reading


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