Old Navy’s Body Shaming Crisis

22 Nov

I came across an article on prdaily.com that explained the current crisis surrounding Old Navy and the price of their female, plus sized clothing. As a public relations student and major feminist advocate, this particular incident has got me heated! But first, let me explain the crisis to you.

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A JMU Student’s Story About Being Followed Home (GUEST POST)

21 Nov


For my post this week, I was asked by a friend of mine if she could write a guest blog about her experience being followed home from school earlier this year. This story was also posted on the breeze (JMU’s newspaper), but I think it’s such an important story to share, so we’re posting it on ShoutOut as well. The author, Aislin, is a Senior Political Science major at JMU. I’ll be back to posting after Thanksgiving! -MustBeAMermaid

Harrisonburg has recently experienced a concerning spike in reports of sexual violence and stalking allegations—among them, separate reports of individuals seen following women home from Campus. Six separate individuals have notified police of incidents that have taken place in the past two months alone, ranging from the mildly disturbing—a glance over the shoulder and an uncomfortable following distance—to the downright dangerous, such as an incident involving an individual rattling the doorknobs of a locked house.

I am one of these six.

In early October, I found myself walking home from campus to my apartment at about 4 PM on a Thursday. It’s a quick walk; maybe fifteen minutes tops, if you’re casual about it. It was a sunny, mild day like any early Autumnal afternoon in Harrisonburg, and I’d left my earbuds at home on accident, so I was walking without music for the first time in several weeks.

This turned out to be a really good thing.

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Transgender Day of Remembrance

20 Nov


Scott Turner Schofield asks us if we want to hear a funny story. We as the audience are ready to listen to a story that is not only hilarious but eye opening. Scott discusses that he had to attend a debutante ball, but his friend requested that he would go the ball as a woman. Okay, I promise, this story gets funnier, but here’s some backstory: Scott is a transgender man, so being a woman is a ridiculous request. Scott appeased the request, because the friend’s grandmother was on oxygen and all of the people attending knew Scott as his past identity, a woman…. so yea, not trying to cause a stir. Scott only had one dress and it was leopard print, Scott claims he was never good at trying to be a woman. Then Scott went to CVS to get some make up and a woman approached him, said, “how can we help you son.”

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Quick Hit: I’m a Gay Man Who Married a Straight Woman

18 Nov

This man explains how a religion that preaches “love” and “acceptance” has persuaded its followers that sexual orientation is an ailment that needs to be “healed.”

Read more of this interesting article on The Good Man Project:




Giving Thanks: An Open Letter

18 Nov

Dear Friends, Peers, and Internet Strangers,

With Thanksgiving and the holidays rapidly approaching, this time of year lends itself nicely to reflection. Personally, this has been a trying semester for me– a full course load, two jobs, multiple organizations, health issues, trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to do after graduation, and making time for friends and family are all factors that have left me feeling as if there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

The other day I sat down and made a list of all the things I was grateful for. This type of activity would usually be too “touchy-feely” for me, but I actually really enjoyed the experience and it put a lot of things into perspective. I encourage you to make your own lists. I think much like me, you’ll find that there’s a lot more to give thanks for than to complain about. Continue reading

#BreakTheInternet: Kim K Full Mooning Her Way to the Top

17 Nov

Hark! Kim Kardashian’s moon is quite *ahem* full tonight…

Photo: Paper magazine http://www.papermag.com


Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit feeds have probably been drowning with photos of Kim Kardashian’s sizable derriere and very naked body for the Paper magazine cover and spread in its campaign to “break the Internet.”

Many reactions to the marketing ploy echo shouts of disdain and contempt, demanding that Kardashian “put some clothes on” and remember that “she is a mother.” In my opinion, this woman’s “fame” started with the circulation of a sex tape, ran its course through a barbaric (yet wildly entertaining) reality television show and has cherry-on-topped with perpetual unabashed nudity. This sort of publicity stunt is the number one way Kardashian (and her family, for that matter) manages to stay relevant.  It’s her claim to fame. Continue reading

It’s On Us: Student-led Roundtable

16 Nov

On Thursday, November 7th, I attended the It’s On Us student-led roundtable event, where I listened to JMU students and faculty discuss campus efforts to promote healthy, consensual relationships, and ways for all of us to prevent sexual assault. Why is this a huge deal you may ask? For many reasons.


Photo Credit: Sabrina McCormick | The Breeze

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Talk About Your Medicines With ShoutOut! JMU

16 Nov

So, my fellow feminists, I’m going to take you on a different road with this post, we are going to talk about medicine. When there is dialogue about mental illness, we often discuss the behavior patterns or we get bombarded by stereotypes presented in the media. When I told my father that I had bipolar disorder, he said that that’s something crazy people have and I was just depressed. It has taken him sometime to understand my disorder and how I go through my life differently than others.

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Cyberbullying and Online Harassment Against Women

14 Nov

Most people know that cyberbullying is a huge problem. It exists among many age groups, but it is particularly problematic and common in groups of children and teenagers. In a recent poll, 35% of 11- to 17-year-olds reported that they have experienced cyberbullying. This includes mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles, and can be administered on facebook, twitter, yik yak, youtube, tumblr, snapchat– the list goes on and on. However, cyberbullying does not only affect young people: it is constantly being used to target feminists online.

On November 12th, Mic.com released a video of several well-known feminists reading angry tweets directed towards them. Take a look to see just how violent and misogynistic some of the tweets are:

The women who are featured in this video are in the public eye and are known for being opinionated on the internet. Because of this, they should expect to receive some criticism, but there is a huge difference between criticism and bullying. Bullying is defined as “use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants,” and some synonyms of the word include “oppress,” “harass,” “torment,” and “dominate.” Looking at this definition alone, the aggressive tweets included in this video are clearly bullying, NOT constructive criticism. These comments are made to make the women they’re directed toward feel insecure and to put them down and shut them up.

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Feminist Taylor Swift Part 2: The Empire Strikes Back

12 Nov

Taylor Swift fans, rejoice! T.Swift’s new music video for “Blank Space,” a popular song off of her new album 1989, has been released! Fans of feminism, rejoice as well: this music video takes the judgmental stereotypes that society places on women and twists them around to make a hilarious, powerful satire.

A few weeks ago, Mustbeamermaid posted about Taylor Swift’s recent feminist transformation. From her interviews to her Twitterfeed, Swift has been an advocate for female power. But after seeing her “Blank Space” music video, one thing was incredibly clear…

Taylor Swift has now earned the title of Feminist Genius.

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